The Pescalis Aquarium at Moncoutant-sur-Sèvre: A showcase for aquatic biodiversity

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Located in the charming commune of Moncoutant-sur-Sèvre, the Pescalis aquarium is a must-see destination for lovers of aquatic fauna and nature. Renowned for its peaceful setting and rich biodiversity, Pescalis offers a unique experience for visitors of all ages.

A Voyage Under the Sea

Fascinating species

The aquarium is home to an impressive variety of aquatic species, from the colourful fish of the coral reefs to the mysterious creatures of the deep. Each tank is designed to faithfully represent the natural habitat of the species it houses, offering a striking view of underwater life.

image of freshwater fish generated by artificial intelligence
Image generated by artificial intelligence
Photograph of a freshwater fish

Education and Conservation

Educational Programmes

The aquarium plays a key role in environmental education. It regularly organises workshops and guided tours for schools, helping to raise awareness among younger generations of the need to protect aquatic ecosystems.

Conservation Initiatives

Committed to the conservation of endangered species, Pescalis works with international organisations to research and safeguard marine biodiversity. Its efforts focus on the reproduction of rare species and the restoration of natural habitats.

Photograph of a freshwater fish
image of a fisherman

A Destination for the Whole Family

Activities and Leisure

As well as the aquarium, the Pescalis complex offers a variety of leisure activities, including fishing, hiking trails and children’s play areas. This makes it an ideal destination for a family day out or educational outing.


The Pescalis aquarium in Moncoutant-sur-Sèvre is much more than just an aquarium. It’s a discovery, education and conservation centre that offers a fascinating window onto the aquatic world. Whether you’re a marine enthusiast, an educator, or simply looking for a rewarding experience, Pescalis is a destination not to be missed.

Plan your stay at “Natura Resort Pescalis” and enjoy the unique experience of the Pescalis aquarium in Moncoutant-sur-Sèvre.

image of a freshwater fish generated by artificial intelligencee
Image generated by artificial intelligence